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Hollywood’s Newest Sweetheart: Tiffany A Luna

by eyesonhollywood

Tiffany A Luna, 27, is not only Hollywood’s newest sweetheart, but has released pop/rock album “Luminescence” for you to daydream into the fall!

Though she has taken our breath away with her album, we learn that she’s had quite the journey before getting to the rising star she is today, and that she treasures her relationship with God very much, making her extra special for releasing her devoted EP “The Daughter of Davd” as well. The album GLIDES us into euphoric ballads to EXCITING energy that keeps you moving or philosophizing. She is a musician, model and expresses how she’s already onto her next project by working on a book.

Speaking of daydreaming, Tiffany has left us daydreaming with her music video “You’ll Be Inside My Heart”. Number 19 on the “Luminescence” album, the songbird captures our hearts away with her dulcet, soprano voice, did we forget to mention that this song is translated in Spanish and Hebrew also?! This is a song to be enjoyed for generations to come. We can’t wait to get our hands on the merch!

“You’re just a new artist” we asked her, how did you flawlessly perform in the music video? With such talent, grace and perfection? It’s like we’ve known her FOREVER! She shares that: “During my entire pre-teen to teen years, I have been blessed to watch my father work behind the camera, as he is a Mexican actor. And I have met other people, been to other places, where I was able to get an insight look into the movie industry. But most importantly? It’s just all about staying true to yourself.” And she is right, after research, we find that she is the daughter of Mexican actor Eutimio Cavazos, 65, who already holds a large resume and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon! The best really do come from Texas, born and raised in Houston, Tiffany is surely to leave her hometown glowing!

Though you may have to send her a follow request on Instagram due to her reserved nature, you can find out more about her at tiffanyaluna.com along with the LATEST news, music, projects, tours and merch! Business can contact [email protected]. We really hope that she has a tour in store for us soon, because we’re sure, that’s going to be a BLAST!

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