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Dr Luna was acquitted on all accounts regarding accusations by Lilith Bathory. What really happened to Luna 13?

by eyesonhollywood

Luna 13, a popular underground Industrial act, headlining festivals and touring with bands such as Suicide Commondo, Hocico and Julien-K came to a fire end with accusations against Dr Luna. Let’s look into what happened.

Accusations against Dr Luna were:

*financial abuse-withholding cleopatra records royalties and not allowing her to work.

*emotional abuse: forcing Lilith  to tour directly after receiving breast implants

*animal abuse- leaving animals in an unsafe environment

*owning illegal human remains. (Dr Luna owns multiple human skulls)

Dr Luna was acquitted on all ‘Financial accounts’ as he was able to prove that she received 100 percent of the royalties and was given 30x that amount a year, deposits were proven via her PayPal account. Dr Luna also provided information that she was living alone in his apartment in Hollywood and had more than ample time to find a job and provided texts that she was constantly asking for money and Dr Luna would give more than she asked for including paying all her medical bills. (CalVBC case# A23-9347428)

‘Regarding breast implants’? Authorities contacted Dr Todd Rau and he gave Lilith the green light to tour as long as she didn’t expose herself. Lilit on her own account chose to expose her breasts live resulting in minor damage to her beasts (video proof of her first show post implants is online, she removes her top).

‘Lilith took videos of an apparently unsafe environment for animals and posted them online’. The police entered Dr Luna’s home to find a well taken care of two story home In Joshua Tree and that the videos taken where shot while she was taking care of the cats herself. She was plotting these online attacks for months. She also ransacked his house when he was on tour. The yucca valley police department requested Dr Luna to press harassment charges and he decline (Case # Yv232290021 Deputy Camacho)

‘Lilith Bathory turned in Dr Luna’s skull to Los Angeles authorities and they were going to press charges on Dr Luna for owning illegal human remains’. Dr Luna was able to provide receipts that he bought the skull from a Tibetan Antique store while he was living in India.The investigators again asked Dr Luna if he wanted to press harassment charges as he led them online to see what she was posting about him. Dr Luna declined. The police hand delivered Dr Luna’s skull back to him. (Kristina McGuire Investigator, case #547544 L.A. County Department)

Doc Luna was acquitted on all accounts and was asked by authorities on several occasions to press harassment charges in return. He declined as he moved on with a new project Antania and now wife Kali Mortem. Dr Luna was also able to provide information that Lilith has a history of falsely accusing her exes of abuse. Dr Luna said “That’s how she joined Luna 13, I went to save her from what I thought was an abusive relationship with Max Schmoll, to find out after she moved in it was all bogus. Her entire circle of friends warned me that she was going to do this to me! They were right, she did.”

Dr Luna stated that they had a public relationship while in the project Luna 13 and never even fought. “We didn’t even have a challenging relationship. Our problems started while on tour when it came out she was having multiple affairs and one with child predator Dusty Graves. We fought yet there was no abuse at all. She was introduced to Dusty by Vicente Cordero while shooting the Bat “Villain” video in 2019. Dusty was asking her to leave Luna 13 and she was listening, including posting online that she was no longer performing with Luna 13 in the future while I was booking national tours. I put Antania together out of concern that she was listening to Dusty (Graves would later be convicted as a child predator as he was caught soliciting a 9 year old online and Antania would become Dr Luna’s main project https://www.dlawgroup.com/southern-california-men-charged-child-exploitation-cases/  ). She tried to smear my name so I wouldn’t be taken seriously when it came time to talk about her affairs, yet I never had interest in doing so.

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