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Say It With A Song – New Company Creates Music For Your Anniversary

by eyesonhollywood

Bring My Song To Life creates unique gifts in the form of personalized songs.

Los Angeles (Nov. 10, 2020) – Everyone has a song in their heart – an uplifting poetic image of unbridled joy, at least that’s what they say. Now, anyone can share that joy with someone special by bringing a song to life! And, not just a song. An personalized, unique song appropriate for any occasion – that tells your own life or love story.

Bring My Song to Life (https://www.bringmysongtolife.com/) was created for exactly this purpose. It is a service of the Tunedly music production family. Tunedly is an innovative music production and music publishing solution for songwriters, although Bring My Song To Life can be used by anyone, regardless of musical or songwriting skills.

Founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs Chris Erhardt and Mylène Besançon, the company has created over  5,000 songs while working with some of the biggest names in the music industry, such as music executives Mathew Knowles, who has worked with Chaka Khan, Earth Wind & Fire, The O’Jays, Destiny’s Child, and daughters Solange and Beyoncé, just to name a few and Harvey Mason Jr., a Grammy, Billboard Music, and ASCAP Pop award-winning producer and songwriter who has worked with Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson and even Michael Jackson, among others.

The co-founders of Bring My Song To Life and Tunedly, Mylene Besancon and Chris Erhardt, pictured with Mathew Knowles at the Music World Entertainment Headquarters in Houston, TX. The photo was taken prior to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Chris Erhardt, the CEO, says they created Bring My Song To Life after receiving frequent requests to provide personalized music with lyrics for people who are not songwriters. “They were looking for special gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and other special occasions”.

“Bring My Song To Life allows you to create professional, beautiful, customized songs that capture your story and will live on forever,” Erhardt says. “No songwriting skills are necessary. Our team of amazingly talented musicians takes your idea, works with you throughout the creative process and transforms it into a cherished memory.”

Co-founder Mylène Besançon says the long list of reviews from satisfied customers makes Bring My Song To Life one of the “sweetest projects” she’s had a part in. “I just love that we can help someone create a heartfelt gift that means as much to the giver as it does to the recipient. The uniqueness of a customized song is truly special.”

Bring My Song To Life customers all agree.

“My husband loves music, so giving him a personalized song for our sixth wedding anniversary seemed perfect,” says Sabrina Ayers in an online review. “From beginning to end, the process was easy, professional, friendly and really enjoyable!

“In the end, the team helped me capture my feelings of our relationship, which brought me to tears listening to it. Importantly, my husband loved it, too! Paired with a lovely customized website, it’s a gift that we’ll keep coming back to for years to come.”

Jeffrey Walker describes his experience with the company with similar sentiment.

“It’s really innovative how you guys turned the scenario of my life into such a beautiful song,” he says. “I am feeling emotional after listening to the song. Through your song, I can live those lovely moments again that I left behind … Would definitely recommend you to all my friends and relatives.”

Do you have an anniversary coming up? What do you think of gifting a personalized song in lieu of flowers or jewelry? Visit BringMySongToLife.com to find out more.

Bring My Song To Life creates customized songs as a gift for special occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and many more occasions. Visit www.bringmysongtolife.com to create your personalized song – no songwriting experience is required as you will be partnered with a professional songwriter who will convert your personal story into a professional song.

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