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Interview with Actor Screenwriter, and Producer Ariel Lavi -The next big thing in the Entertainment Industry

by eyesonhollywood

First, it is great to have you in our magazine Ariel Lavi! Could you please tell us about your journey as an actor, screenwriter, and producer and how you embarked on this path?

“It all started when I was 15. I started my career in the Studio Theatre at Haifa and experienced many genres like: Shakespeare, Muller, American plays, and so on. I studied acting at Lee Strasberg Film& Theatre Institute and screenwriting in few universities in UK and now I’m producing many films in Israel and in all over the world.”

Your new film “Race” was nominated at the ImproAction film festival. Please tell us about your film and the inspiration behind making it?

It’s a short film I produced, Shahar Gaham directed and scripted by Maya Roethler Edry, this film was nominated in the ImproAction film festival which was released in Israel, who qualified to the final stage, and I am proud of that film. It was hard because our actress was infected with COVID 19 and we had a luck we got the permission to reschedule the submission. I don’t like to give out any spoilers, so I invite you to watch my film”

Another interesting Projects of yours is “In-house”. Kindly share your experience in regard of that film.

“It was a 2-minute short film I produced and Casted which participated in the “Habayta” film festival. It’s an international film festival. The referees were Ayelet Zorer, Nancy Spielberg and so on. It was an amazing experience “

Please tell our readers about what motivates you to stay creative and produce such amazing films?

“I like to tell stories that can impact our society. I believe through the films we can make people think”.

What is your future when it comes to producing films under your film production company “Golden Space Entertainment”?

“I opened a film production company called Golden Space Entertainment in LA with a partner Shahar Gaham – a director, and a video editor. We started a few months ago, we are producing 3 films soon.”

Lastly, do you have any closing thoughts that you would like with the world and our readers?

“I’m working hard on. Many upcoming films that will be in production soon”

To learn more about Ariel Lavi, the next thing in the Film Industry, you can find it on YouTube, Facebook

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