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CrushCity App – The Beginning of a New Pageant Era

by eyesonhollywood
CrushCity App - The Beginning of a New Pageant Era

A new era of pageantry is on its way, thanks to the new CrushCity App! With this exciting new app, aspiring models from the United States will now be able to compete in virtual national beauty pageants judged by users online. With just a few clicks, contestants can complete entry to represent and qualify as regional delegates for Miss CrushCity USA crown and prize money, all thanks to the new CrushCity talent promotion and dating app.

While the dating segment is optional for community members that chose to mingle, the app also features dance challenge segment to help discover and recognize rising talents. In addition, fans can connect to the models and dance talents via its video chat messenger, facilitating a thriving platform that opens many opportunities for the contestants and audience.

The CrushCity mobile app is available on both Google and Apple app stores and provides several exciting privileges that aren’t available when participating in live pageant events, especially the convenience to enroll via upload of pictures and videos from your mobile device. Unlike other beauty pageants users have the opportunity to compete – regardless of age, gender, or marital status.

Users get to vote for their favorite contestants, have a chance to win cash prizes, can promote their dance talents and modeling careers, and meet their new love interest.

Using this app is free, but to register and create an account, users must receive a referral from a friend, or they can find one on the official CrushCity website.

While ordinary pageants have a jury of 10 judges who choose the winner, the Miss CrushCity Pageant Queen is chosen by peers online. The contest provides international exposure, and gets judged by voters you invite from your social media following and the CrushCity community via the app. This pageant represents a completely new experience in the era of technology. It’s open for all US citizens and is scheduled to begin at the end of 2021.

The exact pageant date is yet to be announced, but it’s never too early to start preparing! This is the beginning of a new era in the beauty pageant universe that you won’t want to miss out on. To find a referral code and download the app, visit the official CrushCity website today!

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