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Mexican Philanthropist Helping the Needy Around the World

by eyesonhollywood
Antonio Lozada, an expert holistic therapist, who has had interaction with personalities from the Holistic environment, such as the Mazatec Julieta Casimiro of the Council of the 13 grandmothers designated by the Dalai Lama, Juan Matus, Matias de Stefano as well as Dr. Jean Louis Bigna Prince of Cameroon, among other personalities from the Holistic world who have more than 12 years has transformed the lives of hundreds of people with his Holistic Metaverse methodology. The experience over the years simply now called Holistic Metaverse, is shared in this interview and how it becomes not only a therapeutic technique of meditation, but a whole system of discovery and human-spiritual learning for life, which favors the realization of the author and fullness of society.

We asked Lozada when he realized he had this talent and he said that, since he was little he always had an attraction for all esoteric, metaphysical, energetic topics in general and had a sensitive perception that he was not really aware of , until he began to notice that other people could not see the obvious details that he observed in people and situations.It can also be anything, everything has an emotional register and the way in which he can make a synthesis of possibilities of the future or a present situation or know something of the past is presented in a very simple way simply as a memory. He is convinced that one of the highest achievements of being is to be able to be the being with you back to life to the original state where we belong.

Perceiving some event or we can communicate with someone who has already “transcended” is something that everyone can simply do since there is no paradise in heaven or hell on earth, they are simply here, living their lives according to their patterns, the most easy to explain it to you is that everyone lives inside their own video game or a community video game.

In the future this will be something normal and it will be a means of communication that future generations will be born and will remain with that developed instinct.

In the search around all the countries of answers of something more, he discovered that everyone is in that search of something more at their level of interpretation or structure of belief, that something is the hope that gives peace to their life, but what?

Peace is beautiful and full but also the interpretation of everything in this state helps you evolve, and don’t worry you are at the right time, doing what you should do, when you have a doubt remember: ALL the answers are within you.

Holistic Metaverse, the opportunity for energetic healing and to live fully.

“Discovering your passion gives meaning to your existence”

Antonio Lozada

Given the accelerated human context in which we currently live, where emotional, physical and economic vulnerability trigger extremely negative symptoms such as anxiety, stress, insecurity and depression; our self-knowledge and inner balance are the most powerful tools, not only to promote our health, but also our fullness and happiness.

EOH: Antonio, thank you very much in advance for sharing your valuable experience as a holistic therapist, to start, share with us, who is Antonio Lozada?

Antonio Lozada: I consider myself a person who is passionate about managing human energies, as well as developing skills linked to spiritual connection. I had the great opportunity to study at RSA in Yelm DC and began a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences at La Salle University, after I moved I continued at the Universidad Del Valle de México.

“Since my beginnings, one of the aspects that most inspired me to discover that everything happens in the present, and what we need is to heal ourselves energetically by paying attention to the now, the Holistic Metaverse methodology focuses precisely on this with a single objective: the discovery of our passion, this being the most valuable result of this connection with the present.”

However, it all started with the most valuable lesson he learned called the spiritual masters of the East, who in one way appeared to him in another state of consciousness directed by Mahavatar Babaji. He tried to at least follow his recommendations, such as, among other sages that inspired him to discover and enhance the inner ability that we all possess and whom he met during a long journey of introspection, research and personal training that he undertook around the world.

To them, he owed the mission that he currently had entrusted to Lozada and whose priority is to promote people’s self-love with genuine actions for the common good, all this through the Holistic Metaverse.

E: How do you manage to transform people with your Holistic Metaverse methodology?

Holistic Metaverse allows you not only to learn to “be in the now”, but to self-discover and recognize yourself through personal therapeutic energy channeling techniques and prospective and professional diagnoses, based on energy readings that allow you to identify your life mission with greater certainty. , so that everything you do makes sense and you execute it with total passion and health, without confusion; which allows you to feel fully and recognize your place in this world.

In addition, now with the great opportunity to receive these techniques in virtual mode, which favors the omnipresence of our methodology, through ancient holistic therapies and making the benefits of our work exponential.

EOH: Wonderful Antonio, how interesting! Based on this Holistic Metaverse methodology, we know that you created the group “Your Name Here Foundation” with which you contribute to promoting the well-being and fulfillment of others. Tell us a little more. the purpose of this group, foundation?

AL: Consistent with our goal of the Holistic Metaverse, it is a priority for us that more people discover their passion and life mission by genuinely connecting with their present, especially in a context so saturated with the future and so noisy with pseudo-values.

“We are a team of experts distributed in the country and in other countries, we give therapies and conferences to many people who need it and in this way we contribute to their growth as a person and to their self-satisfaction, always seeking to find their passion.”

You can learn more about Holistic Metaverse by visiting and joining their Facebook page or visit their homepage

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