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Audrius Razma, is a Newly Gifted Writer Making his Way to the Top

by eyesonhollywood
Born in Lithuania post-soviet era, Audrius Razma finished school in England to be a writer. The Swedish-German and Lithuanian-Latvian writer admires master filmmakers like Takeshi Kitano and Guy Richie.

The strategy for research and analysis to write a book is designed to help readers read faster. The content makes you feel like you are in a movie and really draws you in.

Audrius studied art and design from minimalism design masters, was working in a fine art gallery and travelled the world.

He is part of the American Cartel Writers Group and is writing partner in crime.

A cool fact, as an author for 3 years, the first time he ever started school, he picked up his pen and published his book. It was his childhood dream. He took a friend’s advice on first writing what he was imagining on the screen then capturing it. This captured his imagination and inspired him to move forward with the art.

Audrius lived in England for twelve years and had independent studies to learn and develop a new form of art writing from the analysis and research he made.

Audrius Razma, is a Newly Gifted Writer Making his Way to the Top

It was a great help from private tutoring classes and group classrooms to adapt his art and design studies. He now has a Business master’s Postgraduate from Spanish Royal Business School. He is Students Council President, and Hiroshima Office Press Editor-in-Chief.

Working hard really does pay off.

His first son was born and is living in Okinawa Island.

The last book he published an acknowledgement and dedication in a military drama never to be forgotten the day his second child died from coronavirus vaccine. 

Audrius Razma served in the British Army and has a silver Crucifix Award from Pope Franciscus in a diplomatic post for his work. 

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