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A Hollywood Writer Adapts His Cognitive Pop Book to Film

by eyesonhollywood
Move over “In Treatment,” “Spencer Lord’s Brain Mechanic” book has been adapted for film by the author. The upcoming movie, “The Pardon Formula,” contains the “cognitive formula” at the heart of Lord’s transformational book.

“I loved ‘Sopranos,’ ‘In Treatment,’ and countless other shows like them, but the therapy sessions never taught CBT (“cognitive behavioral therapy”), and that’s such a drag. The Sopranos got close when Dr. Melfi indicated Tony was making himself angry, but she could’ve gone further.” Says the writer/director.

Spencer’s mother was a psychotherapist at an in-patient psychiatric hospital, and for decades she marveled at the effectiveness of CBT over other approaches like Rogerian, Freudian, Jungian, etc. “You kind of see these other approaches in some film and TV, but never cognitive behavioral therapy, the most powerful kind. It’s crazy no one’s done this before, it’s so obvious. It will be ubiquitous someday, and will change the world.” He continued.

“The Pardon Formula” is a remarkable feat, which has been compared to Kaufman’s adaptation of Susan Orlean’s “Orchid Thief.” It contains all the major themes of the book, and works them into the life of a fictional protagonist with a secret past who stumbles across the same book. “No one who needs anger management will attend voluntarily, so we put a hard-headed character into court-ordered anger management, and the transformation begins.” Explains Lord. “But the audience is along for a roller coaster. It’s not ninety minutes of talking, God forbid, I really wanted something intense and compelling, so there are plenty of cops and a lot of trouble for our lead.”

The third edition of his book comes out this week on Amazon, and with heavyweight names like Wozniak, Geffen, Posner, Radziwill, Bayer Sager, Bleckner, and more offering blurbs of support, there’s surely pressure to live up to the book. Spencer reassures: “The movie will thrill and entertain and blow your mind. There’s never been anything like it in cinema. We’re doing it first, so please follow our movie on social media for behind the scenes production goodies.”

Shooting is scheduled to begin in July 2025 in Simi Valley, California. Visit pardonformula.com and @pardonformula on Instagram and Facebook. Visit the author/director at spencerlord.com

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