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Veteran Spa Owner and Trainer Secure in-house Funding for New and Aspiring Spa Owners

by eyesonhollywood

Sabrina Lee, a spa owner and trainer in Lawrenceville, GA celebrated a huge win for her community of over 5000 Body Contouring Specialists and Businesswomen on Wednesday, July 27, 2021 via Facebook Live – she landed an in-house partnership to help start-up spa businesses!

Sabrina, known as “Big Cousin” by her community, has always been loved and looked up to by the women in her group because of her passion for women empowerment and for helping them market and scale their businesses with the gems she drops on her free live classes, her affordable and easy to understand at your-pace and in-person classes, cheap but informative eBooks jam-packed with information including her DIY recipe books that has been highly profitable for most women in her group with some reportedly earning up to $5-10k a month from the retail products line they opened with her recipes.

Sabrina launched her new VIP Mentorship program two months ago where her students invest in themselves for only $99 a month and she provides exclusive meetings and weekly classes on business credit, marketing, systems, and funding. During her one of her Facebook live session, she announced and told a story of how she made her pitch and successfully landed a funding deal with a private investment firm in South Carolina selected students from her VIP group without a credit check or personal guarantee!

So far, they have already approved funding for 5 start up businesswomen in her VIP group and more to come in the following months! This is awesome!

If you are looking into opening your own spa, or need a high-value community to join, look into joining the group 101 BODY CONTOURING. She also offers lifetime mentorship for her Body Contouring students. You can check her websites via this link or try this link.

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