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Van Hechter on missing Florida and having known one of the craziest years of his life so far!

by eyesonhollywood

Somewhere between sexy, stylish, silly and deep- lies one of our new favorite pop acts for 2021; Van Hechter! We first heard of him last January while he was visiting Florida. Other local magazines were covering him and we got curious. Since then we’ve featured him quite a few times and hearing that he won’t make it to Miami for the Holidays as was originally planned, we decided to interview him via email.

As usual– and even from afar; we had a blast!

EOH: So- what are you most happy with looking back upon 2021?

VH: Well- I did ”explode” in an underground kind of a way. My solo songs ”Love Elastic”, ”I Am” and ”I Believe” charted while my duet with Stonewall Inn Dj Chauncey Dandridge ”The Delight” reached a million plays in a few weeks. It ain’t billions but it’s clear that we’re onto something. I get more and more fan mail. I get more press, too. I’m quite happy about that.

EOH: What are you most unhappy about?

VH: I want to do shows and the climate is still no good. Without shows the artist isn’t totally happy. God I hope 2022 will be less restrictive!

EOH: Is that why you’ve canceled your 10 week trip to Florida?

VH: Yes– here in Montreal we are asked to limit our contacts and to not travel. Cases have gone from 800 to 9000 in just a few days. It’s nuts. So— I decided to listen! I’ll travel next year! But I will miss all my Florida friends. You know- over time, some friendships turn into family…

EOH: What are you looking forward to in the future?

VH: Well- a remix of ”The Delight” is being released on NYE– by Dj Executive Realness… That’s a nice way to end the year. Then I have a few singles coming out in the Spring (solo and duet)… And at the end of the year I plan on releasing a brand new solo album; I am extatic about THAT! I’m in the midst of writing it right now and having a fabulous time.

EOH: What are you writing about these days?

VH: This time around there’s an absurd quality to my writing and even more humor. I’ve had a CRAZY year, romantically. I went from being single to thinking I’d found the love of my life and having that blowup in my face, to then juggling with 5 relationships at once, only to become single again! At times I was looking at myself, thinking; ”I am trapped in a comedy!”… I loved every second of it because I knew songs would come from such crazy states.

EOH: Wow! How does one deal with 5 relationships at once?

VH: I was exhausted! There’s only so much love a man can give in a day! Haahahah! And that’s all I’ll answer! EOH: Ok ok I won’t push! So- last; what do you have to say to your Florida fans?

VH: I would be nothing without you— same goes towards my Florida friends!

EOH: Thank you so much! Happy Holidays!

VH: My pleasure! Same to you! You can find Mr. Hechter’s album, videos and duets on all platforms… Here are a few popular links to follow and like or like.

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