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“The Sports Story” Brings Olympic Dreams to Young Readers

by eyesonhollywood
Author Anastasia Papadaki wants to bring kids closer to sports and the Olympics with her new children’s book called “The Sports Story.” 

The book has themes of environmental health, nutrition, violence, and self-esteem, all topics children should learn about in great depth to become well-rounded individuals as they grow up. The topics introduced are woven into a tale of heroes, villains, and adventure, making “The Sports Story” a great book for children of all ages. 

The story follows the Birbilonies, who live in a village with their friends, the Poumballs. They often played a fantastic game together, inspired by nature. But evil Bre, who disliked nature, kidnapped the Poumballs so no one could play the game anymore. But, with the help of a wise olive tree, the Birbilonies embarked on an adventure full of sports like basketball, football, volleyball and more Olympic sports to free the Poumballs.

The book is published by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers, an independent publishing house based in the UK. They have published books from numerous genres and with award-winning titles, As such, Pegasus has established itself as a leading publisher.

Ms. Anastasia Papadaki was born in Germany and was brought up in Greece. Her interest in athletics started at a very young age, paving the way for her to pursue a career related to sports. She obtained a degree in the department of physical education with honors, and became a physical education teacher at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. She went on to pursue a postgraduate master’s degree in physical activity and quality of life.

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