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“Space Pup” a Dog’s Tale by Elliott Lipinsky

by eyesonhollywood

Everyone loves dog tales, but how about a dog from outer space? – Like an alien, but still a dog. The new illustrated book, “Space Pup” by Elliott Lipinsky is an engaging little tale that children of all ages will love. The book is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Alone on a cold, dark moon, a lost little pup waits for adventure. Then there is Commander Cannon, who begins his trip to the moon, not knowing what he will find there. On his mission on the moon, he faces an unforeseen difficulty, as his space capsule is damaged. Will he be able to complete his mission? Will the Space Pup be a friend to him, just like dogs are on earth? More importantly, what will be the fate of Space Pup?

“I am very excited this book is finally available to the general public. I’ve been sharing it with friends and family for about two years. I hope everyone enjoys it, but we shall see,” says Elliott Lipinsky.

“Space Pup” is designed like a comic book, and is easy to understand and follow. The plotline also instills a love for science, astronomy, and the world at large among children. Ideal for all children above the age of three, “Space Pup” should be on the everyone’s reading list in 2021.

“Space Pup” can be read on Kindle. Please follow this link learn more about it and purchase it on Amazon.

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