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Do you feel stress-free when you wash from head to toe? Does taking a nice hot shower contribute you to your health? Are you sure that you’re taking a healthy shower to get through your day? You may be doing a lot of things wrong which are not contributing enough to your health. The time you spend in the shower is your long day’s most relaxing time. Are you unaware of the fact that we all make some common mistakes in the shower? Don’t be guilty of them. Change your following wrong habits of taking shower from now onwards.

  1. Say No to Hot Showers

It seems that you were taking shower with extremely hot water. No doubt, hot showers relax you. It’s not a wise decision though for your skin. It opens your skin pores and wicks the natural oils and moisture away from your skin. So, avoid doing this.

  • Apply Moisturizer Immediately

Are you skipping this crucial step of the shower? Does your skin gets irritated with perfumed soaps? Apply some moisturizer immediately after taking shower because it will hydrate your body. Not proper moisturizing may result in the skin into inflammation and irritation, and many more skin issues.

  • Don’t Over Wash Your Hair       

Over-washing your hair may result in dry, frizzy, and dull hair. Skin experts recommend hair washing twice or thrice a week to let them grow healthier. Let your hair scalp more prone to greasing because dehydration of your hair will be a little bit stressful for you.

  • Avoid Too Much Soap in Shower

Skin gets saggy and drier as you get older when your body washes often. Soaps and shampoos make your skin issues worse for you. To protect your skin from harmful ingredients of body-shampoos use some good quality moisturizing soap and use the minimum amount of it.

  • Avoid Taking Long Showers

Taking long showers dries out your skin. Spending too much time in the shower let your skin dry and dull overtime. It rinses away all your hydration and body’s natural oils. Your shower time must not exceed the time limit of 10-15 minutes for not distracting your skin.

  • Filter Water For Your Shower

You might seem it as an unnecessary luxury, but water affects your body and skin to a great extent. The condition also depends on your location; where you live and what’s the climate of your city. Unfiltered or hard water can damage your skin and body badly.

  • Say Good-bye to Perfumed Soap

You might love perfumed soaps having fragrances of mango, vanilla, and other tropical infused body washes, but they risk your sensitive skin. You have no idea what are the irritating ingredients inside the bottle. Avoid all products having ingredient “fragrance” to let your skin a healthy life.


We care for you so that you can live a happy, healthy, and balanced life. This is the list of some shower tips and habits you need to be looked at to rectify your mistakes in shower. Do not take shower for-granted. It is the magic of your balanced life.

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