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J.T. Hiskey Says He Is Proud Of Kosha Dillz “He Is The Hardest Working Person I Know”

by eyesonhollywood

Kosha Dillz, who’s real name is Rami Even-Esh has been going viral weekly on his Instagram page and with his Tik-Tok videos. After being seen rapping with Fat Joe on the streets in New York City after a Knicks game, Kosha Dillz has been the talk around the block.

One of Kosha Dillz biggest supporters, who has been a good friend of his over the years is J.T. Hiskey. Hiskey is a musician himself who resides in Utah and is currently going to school to become a nurse. We reached out to him to talk about Kosha Dillz and his recent achievements.

“He is literally one of the hardest working people I know. I know so many people in this industry alone, but no one hustles like he does” Hiskey told us. “When I saw the Fat Joe moment, I was just so happy for him. This guy keeps on winning like no other. He deserves moments like these.”

Hiskey went on to add “Kosha and I met way back when I was working for Vans Warped Tour in 2018. Ever since then, we stayed in touch and he gave me a lot of opportunities when he came down to Sundance here in Utah in 2019, that will never be forgotten. The world deserves to hear Kosha Dillz and to be admired by his hustle. Friends like him inspire me to continue to keep working hard every single day.”

From freestyling on the streets to viral fame, we admire Kosha Dillz hustle. Kosha Dillz has recently announced tour dates with Nissim Black on his Instagram, so be sure to catch him at a show soon.

Check out his YouTube Video of “Fat Joe grabbing the mic from Rapper in Nor’easter at Knicks game!!”

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