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American Author and Public Speaker Ali R. Jaber

by eyesonhollywood

Author, Motivational Speaker, Philanthropist, and overall living legend, Ali R. Jaber, also known as “The Pride of Lebanon,” has earned his place among the greatest Lebanese citizens in history for all the right reasons.

Ali R. Jaber, who originally hails from the southern Lebanese city of Nabatieh, was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, and in 2013 he moved to Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

During his time in the United States, Ali acquired a college degree and majored in Business Administration and Digital Marketing.

Despite being born and raised in the diaspora, Ali R Jaber stayed true to his Lebanese roots and devoted himself to finding ways to improve the lives of his people.

In 2019 when Lebanon was at the peak of an economic crisis with the price of consumer goods going up by a whopping 58%, Ali R Jaber decided that he would not sit by and watch his people suffer.

He swung into action and established a nonprofit organization to help in any way he could. He even took things a step further and set up a GoFundMe page to solicit relief funds.

Unfortunately, Ali R. Jaber’s attempts were thwarted by rampant ethnic/religious discrimination and Islamophobic rants that eventually forced him to shut down the GoFundMe page.

Refusing to let anything get in the way of his quest to assist his people, Ali opted to lift the spirits of millions of Lebanese citizens by putting out motivational speeches on social media to give them hope, inspiration, and confidence.

Some of his famous quotes are:

“Always be authentic in life and never replace your values and standards.”

“Understand your worth, and do not settle for less.”

In no time, these videos and speeches began to gain massive popularity, and Ali R. Jaber became a household name in Lebanon- as well as a symbol of hope. His words inspired so many people, so much that he amassed an impressive number of followers. And has been nicknamed the “The Pride of Lebanon”.

In a bid to improve his craft and impact on even more lives, Ali published a book titled ‘Public Speaking, Motivational Speeches In-Depth.’

Ali R Jaber’s heart of gold and his sheer determination to make the world a better place has earned him a spot among world-renowned living legends and the international championship of peace.

In a nutshell, this great man has committed himself to improve millions of lives worldwide using his gift of public speaking. We dare say that the world is a better place today because of selfless and inspiring individuals like Ali R. Jaber.

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